Mission Action Plan

Our Mission Action Plan is fostered by a willingness to focus and prioritise our objectives so that our Church will continue to grow and develop now and in years to come.

Care.  To foster the caring attitude which exists in our Church family and especially in the work of the pastoral team.  Seek to extend this to the wider community, and by making links through Keynotes and Pewsheets, to those who can no longer attend regularly due to age or infirmity, make greater contact with those who have attended church for normal or special services in the past.

Respond.  Respond to the needs of young people of all ages.  Build on the work of the Sunday School and the Friday Family Group.  Encourage older children, particularly the newly confirmed, to participate more fully in the life of the Church.

Explore.  Explore a variety of aspects of our faith through study groups, reading and discussion.  Provide training and guidance for those involved with Children's Liturgy.

Deepen.  Deepen our spiritual life and our worship by offering prayer groups, Bible study, and times for silent meditation and reflection.

Outreach.  Develop the links that exist already with other churches and with Aldrington C of E School, and use our musical talents and social events to reach out to the community.  Work towards greater public witness at Christmas, Easter and other key festivals, which are currently under threat by increased secularisation.  Maximise the use of our buildings for mutual benefit and seek ways of being more ecologically friendly.