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Rectors of West Blatchington

Rectors of West Blatchington as far as they can be ascertained:


1307             John Sikelfot de Lewes

1325             Hamo de Cessay

1397             John Yong (exchanged, later Vicar of Patcham)

1397             William Gamyn

1405             Simon Ingolf  (formerly Rector of Hangleton)

1412             William Hokle

1439             John Rogers (resigned)

1439-1440    John Profit

1440             William Mylle

1484             William Syers (exchanged)

1484-1486     John Hardyng

1486-1524     William Thetcher

1524-1534     John Segar (also Vicar of Bodiam and of Preston)

1534-1541     Andrew Coby

1541-1556     William Scott

1556-1582     Edward Crakell (also Rector of Hangleton}

1582-1585     Henry Shales (also Rector of Hangleton)

1585-1593     Thomas Wilsher, B.D. (also Rector of Hangleton)

1593-1619     John Sysson

1619-1625     Thomas Heyney, B.A. (also Vicar of Arundel)

1625-1628     Alan Carr (also Vicar of East Grinstead)

1628-1664     George Butler, B.A.

1664-1713     Henry Holcroft, M.A. (also Vicar of Patcham)

1713-1744     William Colbron, B.A. (also Vicar of Brighton)

 From 1744, the Parish was in the care of the following Vicars of St. Nicholas Church which was the Parish Church of Brighton:

1744-1789     Henry Michell, M. A.

1799-1804     Thomas Hudson

1804-1824     Robert James Carr, D.D. (later Bp. of Chichester and  subsequently Bp. of Worcester)

1824-1870     Henry Michell Wagner, M.A.,  (also Treasurer of Chichester Cathedral)

1870-1888     John Hannah, D.C.L. (also Archdeacon of Lewes

1888-1902     John Julias Hannah, M.A.  (later Dean of Chichester Cathedral)

1902-1917     Benedict George Hoskyns, M.A. (later Archdeacon of Chichester)

1917-1924     Francis Dormer Pierce, B.A. (buried in the Churchyard)

1924-1927     Frederick Cyril Nugent Hicks, D.D. (later Bp. of Gibraltar and subsequently Bp. of Lincoln)

1927-1934     Alfred Carey Wollaston Rose, M.A. (later Bp. of Dover)

1934-1938     John Charles Halland How, M.A. (later Bp. of Glasgow and buried in the Churchyard)

1938-1940     Geoffrey Hodgson Warde, M.A. (resigned, later Bp. of Lewes)

West Blatchington became a separate Benefice in 1940

1940-1941     Spencer Hugh Hamilton, M.A. (later Vicar of St. Elisabeth's Eastbourne)

1941-1948     Cecil Francis George Chisholm (later Rector of Ardingly)

1948-1959     James Robinson (later Vicar of Findon)

1959-1963     Herbert Friess (later Rector of Crossmolina, and subsequently Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Killala, County Mayo)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

1963-1976     Paul David Way (later Vicar of All Saints South Norwood)

1976-1983     Trevor Wilson Thomas (later Vicar of St John the Baptist, Rowland’s Castle)           

1983-1987     Keith Wood (later Vicar of St. John the Divine, W. Worthing} 

1988-1999     Michael Stanley Porteous (retired)

2000 -2011    Robin Thomas Adrian Farrow M.A. A.K.C.

2011 -           Daniel Bradley Smith, BTh (Oxon), Dip Min