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Your Baby’s Christening


Baptism is the word the Church uses for what many people refer to as ‘Christening’. The birth of a child is a very special event and we will do our best to help you mark this.

Many people do not fully appreciate the nature of the commitments they are making when they have their children baptised. Although there are many reasons why people ask to have their children baptised, the main reason is often the deep desire to thank God for the gift of a precious new life. This is why we also offer a Service of Thanksgiving – a discussion with the Parish Priest will help us to determine whether Baptism or a Service of Thanksgiving is most appropriate in your circumstances.

The Service of Thanksgiving

This increasingly popular service takes place in the wonderful setting of St. Peter’s at a time agreed between us – and not necessarily a Sunday! There are a few set prayers, but it can be as formal or as informal as you wish, and we are happy to discuss with you the sorts of things you would want included. For example, other family members and friends might want to speak about what your baby means to you and your hopes for the future. Such a service stands on its own, and does not include making promises that, to be honest, many parents find difficult to keep. It in no way prevents you from having your child baptised at some later point when you feel able to keep the promises, or indeed quite soon after the Thanksgiving Service, if you consider that you are ready to make the commitment that Baptism expects of parents.

The Baptism Service

This service also thanks God for His gift of new life, but it does many more things too. Most importantly it makes your baby a member of the Church, and you and the godparents promise God that you will bring the child up as a Christian. You promise to be a faithful member of the Church family, to bring him or her to Church, to pray for your child, to teach him or her about Jesus, and to do everything you can to help your child take the Christian faith seriously.


To help parents understand the promises made at Baptism and their implications, you will have at least two sessions with the Parish Priest – a ‘short course’ if you like. This would normally take place in your own home, if possible with both parents. If this is not possible then with you and the people you would like to be your child’s godparents. There are rules about who can be godparents, but we can talk about those at a preliminary meeting.

Church rules are that children must be baptised in the parish where they live or in the church where their parents worship. The reason, quite simply, is that baptism brings children into the local Christian family, and so it makes little sense for them to be baptised elsewhere.

The baptism will take place at the 10.00 a.m. Sunday service, quite possibly alongside other families.

We also gladly prepare adults for baptism.

When you are ready to take the next step please contact Father Daniel