Vocation – what do you hear God calling you to be or do?


I’ve just returned from the three-day Clergy Conference held at the University of Kent at Canterbury.  The theme of the conference was ‘Vocation’ and next year the Diocese will be celebrating the ‘Year of Vocation’.

The strap line of the conference was from the popular hymn ‘Hear I am Lord’.  You might know the next line…’Is it me Lord’.  I think we all ask that question from time to time.  In the Bible, we hear the story of God calling Samuel three times.  On the first two occasions, Samuel doesn’t recognize the call of his Lord God.  But on the third time, something changes within Samuel and he realises that God is calling him.

We are about to go through some changes at St Peter’s with Jane and Michael moving to Cornwall to be with their family.  Jane and Michael have been wonderful examples of people responding to a call – a call to serve, love and nurture their Church family and beyond.  This has been their vocation.

So, what do you hear God calling you to be or do?  God calls people from all walks of life and we are all ‘good enough’ in his eyes.

What are your passions and skills?  How do you think you could use these in God’s service?  How can we help you realise and accept what God is calling you to be and do?

One of the things I found at the Clergy Conference, there were 300 of us there, was that we come from different places and traditions, but we all love God and have had some change in our own lives which has caused us to want to know, love and follow him.

But you don’t have to be a priest to do this or to have a significant role in the parish. As we say in the Eucharist we are one body because we all share in one bread.

As we move towards Christmas, why not reflect on what God has given you and what you might give back.



Fr Daniel