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Our Vision

Our MISSION ACTION PLAN is designed to help us focus and prioritise our objectives so that our Church will continue to grow and develop now and in the years to come. This Plan, known as “The Four Mores”, may be summarised as follows:

More Open

This is about making sure that we can clearly communicate the vision of who we are as a church family, and how we can demonstrate both our purpose in the parish and the hope of the Gospel. We want to ensure that all people feel welcome at St Peter’s and that worship is meaningful and accessible for all. 

More Converted

This is about how we encourage commitment in the journey of the Christian faith and encourage disciples to go deeper, through training and further devotion.

More Generous

We want to foster a culture of joyful givers, where we eagerly support the needs of others through generosity with our time, energy and finances, where we work together and all play our part. 

More Engaged

This means we are looking to build upon existing networks and community groups, alongside new ones, to bless our parish and beyond. 


Get in Touch

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Church then please do not hesitate to contact us to register your interest



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